Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts!

Today I spent a lot of time watching tutorial videos on

For digital fundamentals class I was forced to pay nearly $40 for this semester for a membership for

It's a little boring, but incredibly helpful.
If you want to learn basically anything computer related, go you and see about paying some money to learn a lot of stuff!

I think regular monthly membership is $25.

One thing I love about computers is the keyboard shortcuts and how there are about a thirty thousand of them. (jk, don't really know how many.)

The video I just finished is full of keyboard shortcuts. One is on a mac, press command and tab. That takes you from one application to another.

Keyboard shortcuts are a big time saver and really helpful. If you ever use a computer, I suggest finding out a few shortcuts for the actions you do most. Like opening Word, closing a window, opening a new tab or window, refreshing a web page, saving or printing a document..........


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