Thursday, January 1, 2009

Learn. Shoot. Earn.

My parents got me interested in travel early in life.
I have been into photography for about 5 years.
Recently I have developed an interest for video.
There are commercials on the Travel Channel for
Travel Channel Academy
Today I looked into it online.
It is a four day intense digital film school for travel video journalists.
It seems like an amazing experience and I've decided to add it to a list of things I am striving for.
I'd hope that someday Kayla and I could go to this and come out with some awesome knowledge and unforgettable memories.

Unfortunately this mere four day experience is in either NY, CA, or D.C. and cost's $2000 for tuition alone. 

Oddly that doesn't discourage me that much. It actually encourages me to work hard at school and be determined to get a summer job and save, save, save.

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