Saturday, January 10, 2009

My blog, my rules.

I'm breaking my rules today.
I didn't really learn anything new today.
I did experience something new though.

I rode down a trail I've never known of before and went to a restaurant I've never been to before.

My dad and I met up with the Nowak's and rode snowmobiles all day today, from about 9am til 4pm.

It was really awesome riding!
Snow was falling in beautiful large flakes.

It wasn't too cold for me, I had on lots of clothes.
2 pairs of socks
4 pairs of pants (leggings, jeans, scrubs, snow)
3 shirts (long, short, tank)
1 double layer winter coat
2 pairs of gloves

And my thumb didn't hurt too bad.
My double jointed thumb usually hurts after 30mins.

We started at Bolton, went towards Posen, Millersburg, and ate lunch at The Bluffs.
The trails were 992 and 99, if I recall correctly.

Between Millersburg and The Bluffs the trail was really awesome!!!
The turns were scarry, but fun. Took those 30-40mph
And the hills were tall!! That's the best part, best riding I've ever done!!

The fastest I clocked was 65.

We hit a few fields and ripped up some new snow.

I love snowmobiling!


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