Saturday, January 17, 2009

E.T. and snowboarding

Yesterday Tom, Dylan and I left school and drove up north so that today we could go snowboarding.

It snowed all day and we had a really good time!
I did way better than we all thought I would since I haven't gone in 2 yrs. And maybe they just figured I'd suck. IDK

Last night I learned that the people making the movie E.T. wanted skittles or m&m's to be in the movie, but neither brand would agree, so the movie used resse's pieces instead.

And today I learned that I can not only pick up where I left off two years ago in snowboarding, but do even better.
Tom likes the black diamonds, years ago I'd only go on green slopes at Nubs. I think I only did blue today. 

I had a really good time!!

I'm pumped to go monday and whenever else I can with CCS students and have it paid for!


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