Friday, January 23, 2009

How to clean pennies.

Remember the experiment in grade school in which you had to clean pennies?

Well I do.

I remember boiling them, and I remember soaking them in vinegar.

Cara and I found about 30 pennies glued to a metal box that our previous roommate left behind.

I'm so broke we decided to take them off and clean them and put them to use.

First we tried boiling and it loosened the glue a little, but the pennies were still pretty nasty looking.

So we asked the neighbors and looked online.

What we found to work awesomely was ketchup. 


Put pennies in ketchup for just a few minutes then rinse them off with hot water and they will look pretty shinny!

Relatively, from before to after, the pennies on the right are amazingly clean!


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