Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's to your health.

I picked up the latest USA Weekend today and read the health article.
Of the 12 tips, I found three to be interesting.

5. Ditch depression with D
Vitamin D was found in higher amounts in non-depressed people than in depressed people. It also helps calcium absorption and bone health.

7. Go from good to grape
Grape juice drinkers and enjoy the same health benefits as wine drinkers. Actually consuming grapes in any form can reduce the risk of heart disease. Grape juice improves blood pressure, grape-seed extract helps to lower cholesterol.

8. Go soft on sleep
Hard beds have been said to help back pain for years. But a Danish study showed people with chronic low back pain who slept on water beds or a body-conforming foam mattress reported less pain and nearly an hour more of sleep a night than those who slept on a harder beds.

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