Sunday, January 4, 2009

On a drive back from Indiana.

I learned two things today.

1) Highway 127 in Michigan is curvy, confusing, and crappy.
2) The thermos my parents own keeps hot coffee hot for 6-7 hours.

Other things I learned or discovered or had reaffirmed today are all personal things. So if you don't care to read on I won't be offended. I will however be offended if you decide to preach to me. Save your breath and typing time, that argument with me is fruitless.

I don't like driving my moms vehicle. 

I think I have finally decided my answer to the rhetorical ago old question, "Can people change?" Is ultimately, like Limbeck say, "People don't change."

While in a text fight that revolved somewhat around my religious beliefs my mom and I ironically drove past a billboard that stated,
"Life is short. Eternity isn't. -God"
I read it and agreed. Life is short, I've known this for a long time. It's part of the reason I am doing this new blog. It's why I am going to school, it's why I have tattoos and piercings. It's why I am who I am and do what I do. It's why I make lists of things to do before I die and take steps towards them.

Life is short and I like it that way.

The point of this blog is to keep learning and growing each day. I feel it's what makes life worth living.

I decided today that the ability to learn is the greatest thing ever!

I want to learn as much as I can while alive. The way I see it is dying stops all growth. In an afterlife there is no more learning, no more growth, no excitement, no change.
You know what you knew and you are who you were when you died.
It's groundhog day forever.
It's futile.

Life on the other hand has change, excitement, chance, choice, disappointment, risk, growth, hurt, and so many other things.

If there is a heaven it'll be my hell.

I am going to live life. And when my death comes I want to say I've done what I wanted and accept my end. I don't want there to be more. 
Throw me in a hole and cover me up.
I will not rise or move on to afterlife, it will be black and darkness.
There I will decay.
I'm happy with that.

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