Sunday, November 22, 2009


There's nothing like trying new things to prove to yourself you are living life.

Apologies to those who have missed my posts, but I apologize to myself for not updating as often as when I began this journey, this New Years Resolution to blog what I've learned every day.

Blog or no blog, I have certainly kept myself conscious of the changes I've made, the grand strides I've taken and the immense knowledge I have gained this semester, this past summer, and the year 2009 in general.

If you haven't heard straight from my mouth, or read on facebook, I'll give you an update on my life this semester and the changes I've been making. It's a long list.

1) I started eating meat again.
Over the summer I had some. I ate a hamburger two Sundays ago for the first time in six years and I liked it. I made venison burgers for my roommates and I last week. Tonight I went to Fuddruckers (another first) and had a crispy chicken sandwich (also yummy.)

2) I still stay away from drugs and smoking, but now that I am twenty one and feel adult, I feel I am responsible enough to drink. I am careful when and how much I do, so don't worry about me, but yes, I drink.

3) I love school.
I am in love with my life and my school and I have such passion and drive for what I am doing. It's a really wonderful feeling, unfortunately this past week or two I have realized that being this happy and driven can be exhausting. Only 4 more weeks left in the semester, and Thanksgiving is this week. So I shall survive.

4) Part of loving school includes the best class I've had, to date. Studio Lighting 1 with John Carlson. I love the class and the teacher is really helpful. I work really hard in that class out of my own drive and passion, and it has payed off. I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to come watch and help assist on a shoot at Carlson Productions Studio. I gladly accepted the offer and arrived on time, ready and willing to help out and see what goes on in a professional photography studio. That led to an assisting job this past Thursday with my teachers brother, the other half of Carlson Productions. It was kind of boring and easy work, but I'm really glad I was given the opportunity. I hope these opportunities continue.

The rest of my news is minor things that all add up to a major impact of "Hey life is great" kinda sappy crap. I'll save them for another day, or another time when they become major.

For now, I want to leave any readers with some cliched bits of advice that I believe in:

Hard work pays off.

When you're doing what you love, it doesn't feel like work.

Belief must come from within first.

Your life is what you make it.


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