Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quality Counts

Today I learned how important good snowboarding equipment is.

My boots and bindings didn't seem to agree today, my heals kept coming up and my straps were squashing my boots.

I fell and was uncomfortable for a while. But the wonderful Will took a look at it and made some changes. The problem is that I bought my board, boots and bindings roughly 5 years ago used. 

So I have decided I am working my butt off this summer and in the fall buying all new equipment. Helmet (to try jumps, grabs, turns), coat, hat, gloves, pants, boots, bindings, and board. I'm going all out, new and great stuff so that I don't have to wear 4-6 layers to stay warm.

I have never boarding this many times at this many places in one season, probably not even in two seasons.

It's been really amazing and I'm really looking forward to the rest of this trip (currently at Crystal mountain on a CCS group trip) and next season.

Weekend photos are going up on facebook as I type, more will come next week. Also videos.
Take a look.


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